Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fresh Basil & Corn Salad

Summertime, when the living is easy. I try to make that pertain to cooking, as well. As you know, I love grilling in the summer, and hanging out by the grill, and everything that comes with it. Sometimes, I struggle for sides to go with wonderful grilled meats. I love grilled veggies, but these salads are great in addition to grilled veggies.

This salad is bursting with flavors and is so fresh. I first had it at my mother-in-law's and I had to recreate it at home. I suggest that you make it in the morning and let it sit, so the flavors have time to marry. This salad will stay fresh for at least two days, but after that, I am clueless! This would be the perfect addition to you upcoming 4th of July Menu!

5 ears of Corn, shucked
1/2 cup of Red Onion, small-dice
3 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar
3 tablespoons of Olive-Oil
1/2 teaspoon of Kosher Salt
1/2 teaspoon of Black Pepper, freshly ground
1/2 cup of Basil Leaves, fresh and julienned


First, place the corn in a large pot of  salted water, when the water comes to a boil, cook the corn for 3-5 minutes, just until the starchiness is gone. While you are waiting on the corn to cook, prepare a large bowl with ice-water. When the corn is cooked, place the cobs in the ice-water, to stop the cooking.

Now, cut the corn off of the cob and toss with the red onion, vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper. Refrigerate until you are ready to use. Stir in the julienned basil leaves right before serving.


Happy Cooking,
The Barbee Housewife

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